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Lo and behold I couldn't believe you added to your blog! I check it daily as that's part of my morning on line ritual. Ralph's concert was so much fun and I can't wait for him to come back. I was never one who fainted at a Beatles concert. How would John have seen me if I was out cold and they took me away?. Of course, I seem to recall a certain someone who passed out at a U-2 concert so maybe Brooke is followiing in her mom's footsteps!

Andrea Harchar

I still get excited when someone gets tickets to the concert of their dreams.
Way to go Brooke! It wasn't Grandma who fainted at the Beatles concert. From I remember, it was someone else in the family who was on TV being carried away in a swoon. Anyway, those of us who have been there know how exhausting it can be to the see your favorite rocker-and to get a picture with him-and to be up on stage-what a rush!


What a fun day - and fun pics!!
Oh - and I have the same blouse as your mom.


The pics are so cute. We've never heard of Ralph, we gotta go check him out..

Jennifer Sizemore

I am so excited to see you blog!!!!!! And how fun the whole groupie thing sounds - for you and Brooke! Just one question.... WHERE is the close-up of the guy in the blue shirt???????


wow! Sam blogged. I am trying not to faint. :) Sounds like a blast, even though I have no clue who Ralph is. And I concur with Jen. Where is the close up of the hot guy? Love the look Brooke has going there!

Leslie Herbert

Your pictures are the best Sam! love Brookes shirt!
Your banner is the best though, Love your pictures of your two sweet girls!

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