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I've never given up hope since Brooke was first diagnosed with RS that someday a cure or way to reverse the effects would be found. This sounds so promising. And you know me well enough to know that my mind has already wandered ahead and I'm envisioning all Rett girls given a new chance at life.


I was thrilled to read the article. It wasn't too "scientific". I understood! Reversal
is the magic word and the hope word. I thank god everyday for all those scientists
working on gene therapy. It will be "the cure". It will benefit all. With our donations, their work and Brooke's courage-there will be a cure. xoxoxo

Jennifer Sizemore

This is wonderful news!!!!!! Send me the code for the badge and I will put it up on my blog :)


Sam! That's such exciting news to hear!


i was so happy to read the article. i pray everyday for all the children in the world. as long as you keep the faith, there is always hope.
God puts special children on this earth and they are a gift from God, they are special and they are beautiful like Brooke. thank God for the foundation. i love her so much...connie xoxoxo


wow! this is amazing news. I pray that they keep researching and trying to find a cure for Brooke. Lots of love to you all.


Sam, that is such great news!!! I am so happy to hear it! I am thinking of you, Brooke, your family and all Rett's patients during this optomistic time!


Sam - that is such wonderful news!!! I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for a cure and reverse to Rett's disease in the very, very near future!!

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