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Jennifer Sizemore

I love what you did with that photo!!!


Love the shirt! Did they have a "My Grandma Rocks" shirt or "My Grandma's Cool?" I read your entry before the picture came up (you know how slow my computer is) and was half expecting Brooke's hair to be streaked in different colors. I'm still going with Dilana as my #1 pick and Toby is my 2nd choice.


First off, your mom cracks me up. "Hi mom!"
And I just LOVE the photoshop grungy stuff!
Rock on VanArnhem.


That shirt is SO COOL - only a coolio girl like Brooke could pull it off so beautifully ;) Love the grunge look too!

Karen Bukovan

I need to buy that shirt for my girls. LOL Brooke looks adorable in it.


Now I wish I had watched this year so I could see how I feel about your choices. Brooke looks too cute but I agree with your mom. She needed a little color in her hair to make it more authentic. LOL.

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