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Awwwwww!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary to you!!!!!!
That is a BEAUTIFUL picture, what a perfect couple!


happy anniversary sam and jeff. in just a few days i'll be wishing you a happy birthday. we love you sooo much and we're so proud of the both of you. see i'm saying all these nice things because i mean them and because i forgot it was your anniversary, i guess that's what happens when you've been married for 35 years. things to look forward to...love you guys

Jennifer Sizemore

Happy Anniversary to the two of you!!!! Leave it to you to figure out all the stats on the years :)


Arrr....Happy Anniversary mates! Your wedding was one of the merriest days of my life. And I be wishing ye more happy years to come!! Love - Evil Elizabeth aka Mom
(don't worry - talk like a pirate day is almost over)


HAA!! I'm glad to see your Mom dove headfirst into talk like a pirate day.

Congrats to you both!


Hey. I didn't know our anniversary is 2 days apart. (minus one year). :) Congratulations to you. Hoping you have many more happy years together!

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